Manual Stretch Film

 Thickness [mic] 17,  20,  23
 Width 10cm; 12,5cm; 50cm
 Elongation 150%  -  240%
Multi-layered cast film, produced by co-extrusion intended for packaging of pallets manually or with an automatic machine. Guaranteed elongation of minimum 150%.

We are offering manual stretch film for packaging of pallets, furniture, boxes and small elements. The elongation of the film is keeping the packaged goods tight during transportation.

We have re-winding machines, which help us manufacture rolls with sizes by demand from the client.

The standard rolls we have in stock are with weight of 1.3 kg, 1.6 kg, 2.0 kg and 3.0 kg.

Machine Stretch Film

 Thickness [mic] 23
 Width [cm]  50
The wrapping with an automatic machine saves costs, energy and time in the long term.

The machine stretch film we are offering, provides a good mechanical endurance and elongation. It is the most widely used film when packaging with semi-automatic and automatic machines with a mechanical brake.


 Thickness [mic] 7
 Width [cm] 42 - 42,5
 Length [m] 600
Pre-stretch film  is the name of beforehand stretched wrapping film. It can be used by everybody, who is currently using the standard stretch film. Despite the thickness is only 7 microns , the film is very strong and resilient to brake. The pre-stretch film is sticking firmly to the goods and maintains its stretching force, which makes the goods well wrapped at all times. While wrapping a pallet with pre-stretch film, less material is used compared to any kind of standard stretch film. This leads to significant savings. While applying it manually, it needs less efforts and energy spent, as well.