Air Bubble Film

 Width [cм] 100  -  150
Weight [gr/m2]  60  -  125


The air bubble film is a packaging material that consists of two or more polyethylene (LDPE) layers. Cushions are formed between them, providing a good protection for the packaged material against mechanical harm, strokes and sudden temperature changes.


The air bubble film is designed to comply with the high demands of safety and protection during transportation of goods. The material maintains its supreme packaging features during the transportation and provides much better protection than paper packaging. It maintains 95% of its original thickness and absorbs the strokes 60% better.


The material is light, which doesn't raise the cost for transportation of goods. If it is not harmed during the unpackaging, it can be used again. This is also saving costs for packaging.


Different Types of Air Bubble Film

1-layered air bubble film is used when protecting the surface of the goods is needed. 2-layered or 3-layered air bubble film is used when protection from strokes and vibrations should be provided. The higher the number of layers, the more secure the goods are protected.


Typical applications

Air bubble film is used mostly for the packaging of fragile inventory such as glasses, vases, pictures, mirror, electronics, furniture elements, etc. It is also applied for heavier object, such as valves, engines, machine parts and others.


Its popularity and applications are so widely spread, that there even is a world day of air bubble film - the last Monday of January.